IEESR Vol. 13 (DEC 2018)

  1. Artificial Neural Networks for Water Level Prediction Based on Z-Score Technique in Kelantan River Khairah Jaafar, Nurlaila Ismail, Mazidah Tajjudin, Ramli Adnan and Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahiman >>Download<<
  2. Baseline Energy Modeling Using Artificial Neural Network – Cross Validation Technique Wan Nazirah Wan Md Adnan, Nofri Yenita Dahlan, and Ismail Musirin >>Download<<
  3. Classification of Gait Parameters in Stroke with Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) by using k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN) Algorithm N. Anang, R. Jailani, N. Mustafah and H. Manaf  >>Download<<
  4. Comparison of Copper Covered and Copper Core Sheath Yarn for the Fabrication of Textile Antenna N.I.Zaidi, M.T.Ali, N.H.A.Rahman, M.S.Amin Nordin, A.A.Sharatol Ahmad Shah and M.F.Yahya  >>Download<<
  5. Development of Low Cost 3D Scanner (LC3S) Using Matlab and FPGA Abdul Rais bin Abdul Rahim, Mohd Adli Bin Abdol Rahman, Muhammad Azizi Bin Ramli and Azilah Saparon >>Download<<
  6. Effect of NaOH Concentration to the Growth of ZnO Nanorod Arrays A.S. Ismail, M.H. Mamat, I.B. Shameem Banu, W.R.W. Ahmad, N.D. Md. Sin, A.B. Suriani, M.K. Ahmad, A.S. Zoolfakar, and M. Rusop >>Download<<
  7. Energy Savings Measurement and Verification Through Awareness Program in an Educational Building Campus Rijalul Fahmi Mustapa, NY Dahlan, Ihsan Mohd Yassin and AHM Nordin >>Download<<
  8. Enhanced Image Segmentation in Thermal Infrared Image Processing for Faulty Detection on Broadcasting Equipment Mohd Rizman Sultan Mohd, Sukreen Hana Herman, and Zaiton Sharif >>Download<<
  9. Impact of DSSS in LTE Link-Level Modelling A. E. Azhar, A. L. Yusof, and A. Idris >>Download<<
  10. Implementation of Modified Chaos Embedded Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm to Solve Economic Dispatch Problem Mohamad Khairuzzaman Mohamad Zamani, Ismail Musirin, Saiful Izwan Suliman, Tarek Bouktir, and Akhtar Kalam >>Download<<
  11. Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization for tuning of PID controller in Arduino Nano for Solar MPPT system Muhammad Iqbal Mohd Zakki, Mohd Najib Mohd Hussain, and Nawawi Seroji >>Download<<
  12. Improved Characteristic of Load Current of Cascaded-Flux Compression Generator M. Jafarifar, B. Rezaeealam and A.Mir >>Download<<
  13. Optimal Parameter Estimation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor by Using Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm Abdolmajid Dejamkhooy and Sajjad Asefi  >>Download<<
  14. Review of Ultra-Dense Networks Integration with Device To Device (D2D) Communication Muhammad Firdaus Hashim and Nur Idora Abdul Razak >>Download<<
  15. Study of Soluble Solid Content in Limau Madu with Capacitive Sensing Technique Hudaliyana Ghazali, Rafidah Rosman and Zaiton Sharif >>Download<<
  16. Mechanism of Nanotubular Ta2O5 via Anodization in NH4F/H2SO4/H2O Solution Mahzaton Aqma Abu Talip, Rozina Abdul Rani, Rosmalini Ab Kadir, Mohamad Hafiz Mamat, Muhammad Farid Abdul Khalid, Mohamad Rusop Mahmood and Ahmad Sabirin Zoolfakar >>Download<<
  17. Financial Risk System Dynamics Modeling for Investment Decision in Solar Thermal Technologies for Malaysia’s Industries Anis Sabirin Baharom and Nofri Yenita Dahlan >>Download<<
  18. Modified Hybrid Median Filter with Local Preserving for Removal of Low Density Random-Valued Impulse Noise in Images Muhammad Sailuddin Darus, Iza Sazanita Isa, Nooritawati Md Tahir and Siti Noraini Sulaiman>>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 12 (JUNE 2018)

  1. Characteristic of Sq Current Based on Seasonal Variation in Different Phases of Solar Cycle Mohd Anuar. N, Jusoh.M.H, Abdul Hadi.N, Enche Ab Rahim.S.A. >>Download<<
  2. Characterization of lower ionosphere disturbance associated with classes of solar flare using VLF Monitoring System A.Taat, M.H.Jusoh, S. A. Enche Abdul Rahim, M.Abdullah >>Download<<
  3. Classification of Agarwood Oil Quality Using Random Forest And Grid Search Crossvalidation Mohamad Aqib Haqmi Abas, Nurul Syakila Ahmad Zubair, Nurlaila Ismail, Ahmad Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Saiful Nizam Tajuddin and Mohd Nasir Taib >>Download<<
  4. Design And Analysis of Building Evacuation System’s Controller Using FPGA Nurul Fatihah Jusoh, Sukreen Hana Herman and Suhana Sulaiman >>Download<<
  5. Development of Driving Fatigue Strain Index for Reducing Accident Risk Among Drivers Mohammad Firdaus Ani, Seri Rahayu Kamat, Minoru Fukumi and Mohamad Minhat >>Download<<
  6. Identification of Maximum Loadability in Power System with Line Outages using Chaotic Mutation Immune Evolutionary Programming Sharifah Azma Syed Mustaffa , Ismail Musirin, and Muhammad Murtadha Othman >>Download<<
  7. NBTI Effects on Circuit Reliability Performance of 4-bit Johnson Counter Based on Different Simulation Configuration M. F. Zainudin, H. Hussin, J. Karim, and A. K. Halim >>Download<<
  8. Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition for Embedded System Farah Farhana Mod Ma’asum, Suhana Sulaiman, Azilah Saparon >>Download<<
  9. Suitability of Neurofeedback Protocol for Children with Dyslexia Zulkifli Mahmoodin, Wahidah Mansor, Lee Yoot Khuan, and Ahmad Zuber Ahmad Zainuddin >>Download<<
  10. FOPDT Modelling and Controller Comparative Study for Smart Tube Aqua Filter (STAF) Ahmad Aftas Azman, Nurul Nadia Mohammad, Norbaya Hj Sidek, Mohd Fozi Ali, Ilyani Akmal Abu Bakar, Mohd Nasir Taib, Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahiman >>Download<<
  11. Global Geomagnetically Induced Currents during Quiet Geomagnetic Activity on 23 December 2014 Farah Adilah Mohd. Kasran, Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh and Siti Amalina Enche Ab Rahim >>Download<<
  12. Performance Analysis of Three ANN Models Using Improved Fast Evolutionary Programming for Power Output Prediction in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Puteri Nor Ashikin Megat Yunus, Shahril Irwan Sulaiman, and Ahmad Maliki Omar >>Download<<
  13. Performance Analysis of Uplink Scheduling Algorithms in the Urban and Rural Environments in LTE Shafinaz Ismail, Darmawaty Mohd Ali, Norsuzila Ya’acob >>Download<<
  14. The Effect of ZnO Growth Temperature on the Memristive Behaviour of Hybrid ZnO Graphene Thin Film Tengku Norazman Tengku Abd Aziz, Aimi Bazilah Rosli, Marmeezee Mohd Yusoff, Sukreen Hana Herman, Zurita Zulkifli >>Download<<
  15. Faster R-CNN Implementation using CUDA Architecture in GeForce GTX 10 Series Basyir Adam, Fadhlan Hafizhelmi Kamaru Zaman, Ihsan M. Yassin, Husna Zainol Abidin >>Download<<
  16. Development of Cloud-Based Monitoring System for Underground Resistivity and Soil Measurement Khairunnisa Nabilah Juhari, Akmal Hafiz Mohamed, Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh, Norazam Aziz >>Download<<
  17. Current Reference Pierce Oscillator Circuit Topology for Low Phase Noise MEMS SAW Oscillator Fazli Lut, Norlizawati Kamarudin and Jamilah Karim >>Download<<
  18. The Comparison of Threshold Techniques in One-Cycle Sliding Window Length for Transient Event Saidatul Habsah Asman, Nofri Yenita Dahlan and Ahmad Farid Abidin >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 11 (DECEMBER 2017)

  1. A Low-Complexity Low-Cost Phased Array M. Askari, H. Kaabi >>Download<<
  2. Disaster Management System Based on Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm Artificial Neural Network W Ahmad Syafiq Hilmi Wan Abdull Hamid, Mohamad Fahmi Hussin, Khairilmizal Samsudin, Ahmad Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Anas Mohd Rafi >>Download<<
  3. Identification of Agarwood Oil qualities using Radial Basis Function (RBF) Neural Network N.S.A. Zubir, M.A.Abas, Nurlaila Ismail,Nor Azah M.Ali, M.H.F.Rahiman, K.M.Ng, Saiful.N.T and M.N.Taib >>Download<<
  4. Modelling of Neutral to Earth Voltage (NTEV) using RLC Grounding System and Current Injection Method Mohd Abdul Talib Mat Yusoh, Ahmad Farid Abidin, Zuhaila Mat Yasin >>Download<<
  5. New Packet Header Support and Key Exchange Mechanism for Secure Trivial File Transfer Protocol Nur Nabila Mohamed, Yusnani Mohd Yussoff, Nazhatul Hafizah Kamarudin, Habibah Hashim >>Download<<
  6. Passively Mode-locking Operation Fiber Laser Generation using Black Phosphorus Saturable Absorber at 1-micron wavelength region Ahmad Haziq Aiman Rosol, Husna Abdul Rahman, Zulzilawati Jusoh, Anas Abdul Latiff, Muhammad Farid Mohd Rusdi and Sulaiman Wadi Harun >>Download<<  
  7. Enhancement of Filter Design and EEG Power Ratio Features in IQ Pattern Analysis N. H. R. Azamin, A. H. Jahidin, M. S. A. Megat Ali, M. N. Taib >>Download<< 
  8. Prediction of Cascading Collapse Occurrence due to the Effect of Hidden Failure Protection System using Different Training Algorithms Feed-Forward Neural Network N. H. Idris, N. A. Salim, M. M. Othman, Z. M. Yasin >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 10 (JUNE 2017)

  1. A Channel Matrix Rank Reduction Method Using Space – Time Coding in a MIMO System Jahangir Dadkhah Chimeh >>Download<<
  2. Design and Development of Strategic Disaster Management Database for Lead Responding Agency in Malaysia during Response and Early Recovery Phases Khairilmizal, S., M F Hussin, Ahmad Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Ainul Husna, K., Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh, Ahmad Asari Sulaiman, Jamil Saadun, Mohd Haikal Kasri, A R Hussain >>Download<<
  3. Planar SIW Diplexer Using Circular Cavity Resonator N. H. Baba, A. H. Awang, M. T. Ali,H. M. Hizan >>Download<<
  4. Time-Varying Water Temperature Modelling of Steam Distillation Pilot Plant using NARX-based Binary Particle Swarm Optimisation Structure Selection Najidah Hambali, Ihsan Mohd Yassin, Mohd Nasir Taib, Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahiman >>Download<<
  5. Microfiber Bragg Grating with Zinc Oxide Nanorod Arrays for Temperature Sensing Aisyah M. Aris, Husna A. Rahman, Sulaiman W. Harun >>Download<<
  6. Parametric Analysis of a Double E-shaped Meander Line Monopole Antenna for UHF Applications N. Ripin, A. A. Sulaiman, N. E. Rashid, M. F. Hussin, N. N. Ismail >>Download<<
  7. EEG Analysis on Actual and Imaginary Left and Right Hand Lifting using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Nabilah Hamzah, Norliza Zaini, Maizura Sani, Nurlaila Ismail >>Download<<
  8. Evaluation of Energy Consumption in Small Scale Distillation Pot based on Integral Control Signal for Real Time Implementation Nurul Nadia Mohammad, Hezri Marzaki, Ahmad Aftas Azman, Ramli Adnan, Saiful Nizam Tajuddin, Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahiman >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 9 (DECEMBER 2016)

  1. Evaluation of Fast Evolutionary Programming, Firefly Algorithm and Mutate-Cuckoo Search Algorithm In Single-Objective Optimization Muhammad Zakyizzuddin Rosselan, Shahril Irwan Sulaiman, Norhalida Binti Othman >>Download<<
  2. Livestock Database Management: Preliminary Studies in Malaysia F. Saad, R. Ismail, I. Ismail >>Download<<
  3. Performance Evaluation of Cluster Based Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network M. Moradkhani, Z. Zalani >>Download<<
  4. A Numerical Analysis of Various pH Level for Fiber Optic pH Sensor Based on Bromophenol Blue in Silica M. Zolkapli, S. Saharudin, S. H. Herman, W. F. H. Abdullah >>Download<<
  5. The Study of Lower Limb EMG Signals Between Male and Female Muslim during Pertaining to Sujud Postures in Solat H. Harun, N.F. Mohd Nasir, A.F. Salleh >>Download<<
  6. SCAPS Simulation of P3HT:Graphene Nanocomposites-Based Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells Nur Shakina Mohd Shariff, Puteri Sarah Mohamad Saad, Mohamad Rusop Mahmood >>Download<<
  7. Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna Array Using Defected Ground Structure for Outdoor Wireless Communication Systems M. A. Aris, member, M. T. Ali, N. H. Abd Rahman, I. Pasya >>Download<<
  8. The Analysis of Shape-based, DWT and Zernike Moments Feature Extraction Techniques for Fasterner Recognition Using 10-Fold Cross Validation Multilayer Perceptrons N. D. Mustaffa Kamal, N. Jalil, H. Hashim >>Download<<
  9. The Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Leucaena Leucocephala Biocomposite Antenna Substrate in Water Immersion Condition A.A.Azlan, M.T.Ali, M.F Jamlos >>Download<<
  10. Entrapment of phenol red pH indicator into polyaniline sol-gel N. Othman, U. M. Noor, Herman, S. H. >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 8 (DECEMBER 2015)

  1. Tunable High Speed Pulse Generator For Phase Change Memory(PCM) Rosalena Alip, Tuan Norjihan Tuan Yaakub, Munirah Rasin, Mohamad Fazullah Zulkafli, and Harul Hazwan Harun >>Download<<
  2. Smart Spring Powered Generator Mohd Syahir bin Abdul Rahman, Mohamad Annas bin Lop, Mohamed Farid bin Abdul Samad, Zulfakri Mohamad, and Rosalena Irma Alip >>Download<<
  3. Nanoindentation System for Material Properties Identification Adrian Wei Hong, Gik Hong Yeap, and Wei Jie Loo >>Download<<
  4. Tennis Court Mapping and Trajectory Optimization for Robotic Object Retrieval Eng Sheh Ling and Edgar Scavino >>Download<<
  5. Throb: System-on-Chip based Arrhythmia Screener with Self Interpretation Huey Woan Lim, Mohd Syafiq Affendi Mohd Sani, Amin Hashim, and Yuan Wen Hau >>Download<<
  6. Development of Autonomous Cruise Control System for Convoy Vehicle Daniel Sim Yeat Han, Foong Chee Hin, and Hudyjaya Siswoyo Jo >>Download<<
  7.  Inter-Media Publishing System (IMPSYS) for Classified Advertising Service Providers Wan Yuee Low >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 7 (DECEMBER 2014)

  1. Computational Intelligence Technique for DG Installation Within Contingency Scenario Muhamad Saifullah Mahmud Affandi >>Download<<
  2. Thermoelectric Effect as Waste Heat Recovery Technology Nur Fatiah Mohd Rosli >>Download<<
  3. Optimal Step-Function Approximation of Load Duration Curve Using Evolutionary Programming (EP) Eda Azuin Othman >>Download<<
  4. Design of Rectangle Microstrip Patch Array Antenna for UWB Vehicular Short Range Radar Application Nadiy Zaiaami, Idnin Pasya >>Download<<
  5. RFID-Based Cashless Payment System Mohammad Farid Saaid, Muhammad Naim Handani >>Download<<
  6. Design and Analysis of Transmitter Module for Intra-Body Communication (IBC) Based on Health Monitoring System. Abdul Hakim Bin Ayub, Abdul Karimi Halim, Abdul Hadi Abdul Razak >>Download<<
  7. Integrated Current-Sensing Circuit with Offset-Current Cancellation for DC-DC Boost Converters using 0.13µm CMOS Technology Intan Shazana Shamsul Sahar, Tuan Norjihan Tuan Yaakub >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 6 (JUNE 2013)

  1. Kolb’s Learning Style correlate to Extraversion using EEG and Clustering Analysis N. Abdul Rashid, M.N. Taib, Z. H. Murat, R. S. S. Abdul Kadir, S. Lias, and N. Sulaiman >>Download<<
  2. Fabrication of Humidity Sensor Deposited by Sol-Gel Immersion Method of Nano-Cubic Structured Znsno3/Zno Based Thin Film N.D. Md Sin, M.H. Mamat, Abdul Aziz. A and M. Rusop >>Download<<
  3. EEG Based Communication System in Generalized & Customized Modes for Differently Abled Communities Paulraj M P, Abdul Hamid Adom, Sazali Yaacob, Hema C R, Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan, Sathees Kumar Nataraj >>Download<<
  4. Statistical Band Selection for Descriptors of MBSE and MFCC-based Features for Accent Classification of Malaysian English M. A. Yusnita, M. P. Paulraj, Y. Sazali, A. B. Shahriman and M. Nor Fadzilah >>Download<<
  5. UHF RFID Reader Antenna with High Gain Ismarani Ismail and Syamimi Mohd .Norzeli >>Download<<
  6. Modelling and Simulation of Baseband Processor for UHF RFID Reader on FPGA Ismarani Ismail and Azlina Ibrahim >>Download<<
  7. Intelligent Microwave and PIR Sensor System for Energy Efficiency in Buildings M.F. Jamburi , F. Sulaiman and A. Ahmad >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 5 (JUNE 2012)

  1. Design Impact of 6.08 kWp Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System at Malaysia Green Technology Corporation M. Z. Hussin, A. M. Omar, Z. Md Zain, S. Shaari, H. Zainuddin >>Download<<
  2. Classification of Heart Sound Signals for the Detection of Heart Diseases N. Shamsuddin and M. N. Taib >>Download<<
  3. Classification of Agarwood using ANN M. S. Najib, N. A. Mohd Ali, M. N. Mat Arip, M. Abd Jalil and M. N. Taib >>Download<<
  4. A New Technique for FACTS Devices Placement via Stability Index-Load Tracing Z. Hamid, I. Musirin, M. M. Othman, M. N. A. Rahim >>Download<<
  5. Four State Brain Machine Interface Design using Functional Link Networks Hema C. R and Paulraj M. P >>Download<<
  6. Application of Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Optimal Generation Plant Location Problem M. Y. Hassan, M. N. Suharto, M. P. Abdullah, M. S. Majid, and F. Hussin >>Download<<
  7. Power Simulators – A Survey K. Keerthivasan, V. Sharmila Deve, L. Krishnaveni, Jovitha Jerome, and R. Ramanujam >>Download<<
  8. Characterization and Fabrication of 90nm Strained Silicon PMOS using TCAD Silvaco M. A. Abd Hamid and F. Sulaiman >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 4 (JUNE 2011)

  1. Design of Fuzzy PI Controller for CSI Fed Induction Motor Drive Piush Kumar, Vineeta Agarwal and Asheesh K. Singh >>Download<<
  2. Deriving Spatial Inputs for Forest Microclimate Modelling Using Remote Sensing Techniques Zulkiflee Abd Latif and George Alan Blackburn >>Download<<
  3. Single Phase Matrix Converter Operating as a Four Quadrant DC Chopper controlled using Xilinx FPGA Mohammad Noor S.Z., Abdul Rahman N.F.,and Hamzah M.K. >>Download<<
  4. Sphere Detection Analysis Performance Combined with the LDPC Decoding Xiao Peng and Satoshi Goto >>Download<<
  5. Glycerin Bleaching Process Control Structure Zuriati Janin, Zakariah Yusuf, and Mohd Nasir Taib >>Download<<
  6. Dual-Plane Ultrasonic Tomography Simulation using Cross-Correlation Technique for Velocity Measurement in Two-Phase Liquid/Gas Flow N. M. Nor Ayob, M. H. Fazalul Rahiman, Z. Zakaria, S. Yaacob and R. Abdul Rahim >>Download<<
  7. Study on The Effect of Different Layer Arrangement on Efficiency of Gallium Arsenide Heteroface Solar Cell M. M. E. Meor Ibrahim and F. Sulaiman >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 3 (JUNE 2010)

  1. Evaluation of Robot Path Planning Algorithms in Global Static Environments: Genetic Algorithms vs Ant Colony Optimization N. Sariff, N. Buniyamin >>Download<<
  2. Particle Swarm Optimization for Stabilizing Controller of a Self-Erecting Linear Inverted Pendulum R. Akmeliawati, M. I. Solihin >>Download<<
  3. The Use of Hierarchical Scheduling in the Ingress Edge Router of a DiffServ Domain H. Zainol Abidin, N. Md Din, N. Fisal >>Download<<
  4. Experimental Results of Microcontroller Based FC-TSR-TCR Systems T. Vijayakumar, A. Nirmalkumar >>Download<<
  5. Application of FACTS Devices for ATC Enhancement in Competitive Power Market K. Radha rani, J. Amarnath >>Download<<
  6. Comparison of Static and Dynamic Neural Network Classifiers for Brain-Machine Interfaces Hema C. R, Paulraj M. P, S. Yaacob, A. H. Adom, R. Nagarajan >>Download<<
  7. Simple Parameter-Based CAC Scheme for DiffServ Domain H. Zainol Abidin, N. Md Din, N. Fisal >>Download<<
  8. Delta Sigma Digital Analog Converter Circuit Design for Neurochemical Sensing Z. Zulkifli, N. S. Arshad, N. M. Kassim, N. Sihab, R. Yusuf >>Download<<
  9. High Voltage Transformation Ratio using Matrix Converter N. Mahendran, Dr.G.Gurusamy >>Download<<
  10. Investigation of Doping Techniques on the Silicon Based Capacitor A. S. Zoolfakar, A. A. Yaacob, M. Zolkapli, A. Zakaria, M. Z. Abdul Wahab >>Download<<
  11. Recognition of Facial Expression Using Haar Wavelet Transform M. Satiyan, M. Hariharan, R. Nagarajan >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 2 (JUNE 2009)

  1. Modeling of “Strain Technology” on 140nm CMOS Devices A. S. Zoolfakar, N. I. M. Tahiruddin, L. N. Ismail >>Download<<
  2. Applications of Complex Wavelets to Locate Source of Transient In Power System N. Hamzah, A. Mohamed >>Download<<
  3. Human Shape Recognition using Fourier Descriptor N. M. Tahir, A. Hussain, S. A. Samad, H. Husain, R. A. Rahman >>Download<<
  4. Design Simulation and Finite Element Analysis of Piezoresistive Microcantilever for Human Stress Measurement N. K. Madzhi, A. Ahmad, L. Y. Khuan, R. A. Rani >>Download<<
  5. Brain Machine Interfaces: Recognition of Mental Tasks using Neural Networks and PSO Learning Algorithms Hema C.R., Paulraj M.P, S.Yaacob, A. H. Adom, Nagarajan R. >>Download<<

IEESR Vol. 1 (JUNE 2008)

  1. Multilevel Voltage Space Phasor Generation for an Open-end Winding Induction Motor Drive K.C. Sekhar and G.T. Ram Das >>Download<<
  2. Knowledge-based Adaptive Frequency Control of Gas Turbine Generator Model for Multimachine Power System H. Zainuddin and S. Jovanovic >>Download<<
  3. Implementation of Motor Current Signature Analysis as a Reliable Monitoring System A.Gheitasi, M.Moghavvemi and R.Omar >>Download<<
  4. A Model for Current Source Inverter fed Induction Motor Piush Kumar & Vineeta Agarwal >>Download<<
  5. The Dissemination of Knowledge in Manufacturing Enterprises Using Intranet Based Knowledge Management System: An Example N. Buniyamin and Z. Mohamad >>Download<<
  6. Optimization Technique for Grounding Grids Design S.Ghoneim, H. Hirsch, A.Elmorshedy and R.Amer >>Download<<
  7. Modeling and Switching Simulation Tool of SiC-GTOM. S. Jadin, M. Z. Sujod and R. M.Taufika Raja Ismail >>Download<<
  8. Voltage Stability Assessment via Continuation Power Flow Method M. Z. Laton, I. Musirin, T. K. Abdul Rahman >>Download<<
  9. Simultaneous ATCs Determination Using Pareto Based Evolutionary Programming Technique S. Ilias, M.M.Othman, I. Musirin, A. Mohamed and A. Hussain >>Download<<